She was laying on her right side in a king sized double bed and she looked at the bow of the babydoll. It was something that only her current lover was able to satisfy. First she unhooked the red bra and threw it behind her. That made her so aroused that she used her right hand to stimulate her own clit. Brooke crawled beside Catherine and kissed her.

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Brooke crawled beside Catherine and kissed her. It was something that only her current lover was able to satisfy. As she pulled her to herself Brooke came into view. She was shorter than Catherine and had long dark blonde hair. Catherine saw the orgasm of her lover and while she continued to finger-fuck her she inserted more fingers in her own pussy and made herself come too. Brooke was the best lover she ever had and with her starting early when she was only 14 and her later career as a model it was pretty long list considering she was married for 17 and a half years. She wanted to get her nipples sucked so badly. Brooke had smaller breast but they were still nice B-cups with small but really dark areolas and tiny nipples. Catherine moaned louder then before and Brooke continued to kiss the skin closer and closer to the nipple until she finally bot to the rock hard part and she bit it a little before she started to suck it. It was not as good as if she let Brooke lick and fuck her but there was time for that later. She felt the tips of the fingers at the end of her vagina and her muscles squeezed the fingers as she came. Catherine moaned as the other woman touched the peacock feather tattoo. It was not long before she arched her back and with very loud moan passed away from one of the biggest orgasms she ever experienced. She pulled them down and Catherine helped her with that task as she arched her back so her butt was now few inches above the bed. As Catherine approached her climax she started playing with her breasts and squeezed her nipples while the experienced tongue fucked her. She wanted to do more than just wait for her lover to bring her over the edge but in her current position and with Catherine behind her the only thing that she could do was to lick her own fingers. This is fiction, it did NOT happen and it is only product of fantasy. Catherine shook he head and said: First she unhooked the red bra and threw it behind her. With the thin see-thru fabric now out of the way her hand quickly moved to caress her breasts still trapped in the lace bra. I waaaant yoooo to eeeat my pusssy! They were now both moaning heavily. Catherine increased her pace and added third finger to the two she already had inside Brooke and she also started to finger-fuck herself. Catherine kissed them and squeezed both nipples at the same time. Please, give me your love!

Vivica a fox sex tape online sites

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Vivica a fox sex tape online sites

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