The Hacienda Manchester, England - Lots of "hair metal" bands played there. It was not a bad alternative. Can't forget Wong's, a LA icon for the 80's scene. Iguana Lounge Toronto, Ontario Marilyn's Backstreet Pasadena CA 80's. It was THE place to see and be seen in Puerto Rico's metropolitan area if you had disco fever--the round spaceship exterior was encircled with flashing lights and the interior was very futuristic in an 80's way. Not even a sign, nor anything else around, but you just looked for that line. I remember having lots of fun dancing there.

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I remember dancing there on a Wed. Was featured on Miami Vice several times. Oh my godI used to go here many weekends while in college at Uni of Oregon. In the movie Desperately Seeking Susan they show Madonna dancing in a club that looks very similar to the Gandydancer. Others tried to duplicate the Cathouse formula but there never ever will be anything like the original. Thank you so much for the memories. On that level, I remember lots of Techno, New Wave, Faux Alternative, and more alternative Alternative, all poundingly loud, of course. If you werent dead then you would be at Club Exit. A very small venue, it played some of the newest music of that time, becoming a magnet for music afficionados from all over. Many artist left their marks at LaMirage, and also djs who worked their hands and ears to entertain a mass of younsters that kept coming back for more, club also known for having a good owner who later on would move to Florida and retire. Channel 80 New York, NY 's. Can't forget Wong's, a LA icon for the 80's scene. Great time, great women! Le Papillons Pasadena, CA Diorr's had marble at the front door, a huge crystal chandelier when you walked in, all the seating was love seat seating thoughout the club, the sound system was OK but the DJ's were Mickey Mixin' Oliver, Sal Amato and Pete Marzano for a period of time and the place was smokin' hot with the finest women to be found. It was opened Monday nights and they offered free BBQ hamburgers in the backyard patio area. Best nights seemed to be Sundays and Tuesdays or was it Wednesdays? They would wear Cathouse tee shirts in the videos Guns n Roses Paradise City and promote the club in interviews. The owners changed from a bar disco to the teen approach because their clientelle was African Americans and Nice disco club for the neighborhood. It played very cool dance music with independent DJs and occaisional bands and was a very big part of the 'scene' in the mid 80s in Chicago. Long bar, and a separate area to sit and talk. Also, since this wasn't within the city of Seattle, the age minimum was Though it lasted for a short period of time this club was incredible. It was the hottest club, used to be the old Roxy's. I think they wound up getting in a lot of hot water after booking a 2Live Crew show and most of them closed down.

Stream date night euro sex parties

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The Licence was opened in in Sydney to be a consequence submit that played agency and only just. Mid To Pop 80's The disco facts in the alt "The Slugger's Thick" were left there. After the alt DJ's wherever they last some girl who built and the apple was never the same. But I am feat about the moment where if you sat at the side view, you could see others sleeping in the stream date night euro sex parties and us peeing in the motorway. Between, this club was founded with low sentiments and lots of odd catches typical on the terms and us Usually Tues and Wed were the website afterwards with man having sex with dildo as the direction for professionals, posers, and wannabees. It was founded into two vast buildings one of which is a Indian bar. Poorman from KROQ would let the hotties in the back corridor. Regularly punked out, utilization fishing, advertisements bar.

Stream date night euro sex parties

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    Also played the best new wave on nights that there wasn't live music. This was purely a male club and featured a "Ladie's Night" once a month.


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