Good for all astral and dream magic and journey aimed at expanding consciousness. The full moon is in Aries when the sun is in Libra. Hoodoo Rootwork Spells for Crossing, Jinxing, Hot Footing, Revenge, and Break Ups A Hot Foot spell that employs a bottle filled with red peppers and vinegar, a Hot Foot Candle, and a ferocious black cat; a black obsidian scrying ball enables the rootworker to keep track of the spell's effects on the target One of the main reasons that clients who are familiar with hoodoo rootwork will pay money to hire a conjure doctor is to cast spells that they themselves are reluctant to learn or to perform, and among such spells, those that are hostile, aggressive, or angry are the most common. Mental influence or astral spellwork can be a very useful and effective method of working by itself, but it is often used in combination with other techniques and tools, such as burning candles and incense, or working with a doll-baby. To send something away from you, or for banishing spells, cast your spell anytime between three days after the full moon to the new moon, with the day or night of the dark moon , before the new moon appears, being the best. Increasing fertility of crops and livestock waxing. The moon enters various signs every few days. A good time to get organized and do magic related to finding good domestic help.

Spell to draw same sex

The full moon will be in Scorpio when the sun is in Taurus. To find out when, visit the Universal Lunar Calendar to create a customized calender based on your location. Most ethical conjure doctors who do cast aggressive spells for their clients only undertake such a job when they have determined through a prior reading or divination that the work is justified in God's eyes and that it is a morally sound proposition for them to take on the case. Or you can download the iLuna app for your android device or for your Iphone. Hoodoo Rootwork Spells for Court Cases, Legal Matters, and Keeping Off the Law A court case spell in which opened handcuffs and other offerings represent a speedy conclusion to the client's troubles with the law. Instead focus on any groups or organizations you belong to or wish to influence or support. This type of spell work, sometimes called block-buster or jinx breaking, is very important when dealing with clients for whom an ordinary cleansing and blessing has failed to produce relief from negative situations. The full moon Taurus when the sun is in Scorpio. Candle spells may be done to surround the individual with a fiery wall of protection and protective amulets, talismans, charms, or enchanted jewelry may be crafted for the individual to wear or to carry. This can be done while the target is awake or asleep, although many workers do prefer to make the contact while the target is asleep, as they find it easier to insinuate their own will and thoughts into the target's unconscious mind. Love spells are also supported at this time but are best aimed at strengthening existing long-term relationships or finding one's life partner. Also, any sort of religious activity, connection to higher purpose, spirits, Gods, divination, also long-distance travel. A good time to do work to support your studies, getting into the college of your choice, making a good impression on professors, etc. The full moon is in Cancer when the sun is in Capricorn. When a spiritual worker prescribes protection spells, the protection work itself is often preceded by a divination, then by cleaning the individual and, if necessary, by performing a reversing spell to send back any jinxes that have already been thrown by an enemy and landed on the client. The full moon will be in Capricorn when the sun is in Cancer. The full moon will be in Libra when the sun is in Aries. This is a good time to purchase, make, cleanse, consecrate, dedicate etc. Taurus energy encourages prosperity and material comfort, building new habits for self-improvement, protection of material items from loss, damage or theft. This is not a good time to do magic for yourself. The full moon will be in Pisces when the sun is in Virgo. When investigations are ongoing, "tossing the house" is a ritual that may be employed by an in-person root doctor who ritually turns things upside down to confuse the investigators. Hoodoo Rootwork Spells for Spirituality, Psychism, Mental Influence, and Dreaming A psychic vision spell conducted on behalf of a client This type of spell casting requires that the spiritual worker have a natural gift for mentally contacting, perceiving, and communicating with or to the spirit of the targeted individual. Hoodoo Rootwork Spells for Jinx Breaking, Uncrossing, Reversing, and Road Opening A double action candle burning upside down in a spell to reverse or send back evil When a person is suffering through a run of bad luck, unnatural illness, or a string of unexplained accidents, it is often said that they have come under crossed conditions or that the jinx is on them. There are many traditional methods of aiding those who find themselves involved in legal tangles or attracting the unfavorable attention of the law. Anything concerning the arts, including work to support building new theaters, galleries, etc.

Spell to draw same sex

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Spell to draw same sex

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    This style of spell casting, sometimes called telepathic, astral, or mental work, is a development of specific talents such as clairvoyant reading , clairaudient reading , and empathic reading. Ruled by Saturn Psychic attack, psychic defense, astral travel, astral magick, banishing negativity waning , communicating with spirits, seances, cleansing, purifying, blessing the home, bringing in harvests waxing , increasing prosperity waxing , banishing infertility particularly in crops and livestock or poverty waning.


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