And there are complaints about all three stars on websites such as Bigger Pockets , a social network for real estate investors, and online forums such as Yelp. Email Last Updated Apr 29, Morse's gathering in Florida was run by Abundance. The Yancey name remains a draw in the real estate world. He also developed and managed national security cases for prosecution. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Hutt, director of communications for the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

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When Morse and his wife Kim went to their free introductory seminar at a hotel conference room in Tampa, they couldn't wait to get started. Yancey's seminar discussed several strategies for real estate investing, including wholesaling, which is when someone serves as a middleman bringing buyers and sellers together. Our criminal defense attorneys may be able to assist you in your case. They brushed aside complaints from some fellow attendees about the quality of the food or about the fact that Yancey and his wife Amie, his co-star on "Flipping Vegas," weren't there. From until , Citro served as a criminal division supervisor. Areas of specialty include cases involving substance abuse, sexual offenders, risk assessment, family problems, police specialty evaluations, violence and aggression issues, death penalty and other mitigation, and personal injury. He also developed and managed national security cases for prosecution. Despite his best efforts, Morse said he has yet to close a single real estate deal, though it's not for a lack of trying, including putting in to hour days. Montelongo has denounced the federal civil suit as frivolous and has vowed to file a countersuit against the former students. His spokesperson couldn't be reached for comment. He also held a top secret security clearance. Ted, Former Client I received good quality legal services from an experienced and well respected lawyer. In addition, direct service was provided to the patient population in regards to pain management techniques and stress reduction strategies. The entrepreneur didn't return voice-mail messages left at his office at Goliath Co. Ongoing consultation was provided for physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and other physical rehabilitation personnel. Email Last Updated Apr 29, A spokesman for the cable channel said he had no contact information for Yancey. However, it requires a license in some states, a point that Morse said wasn't made in his seminar. Indeed, they soon shelled out money for both real estate training and a class on trading stock options. Horwitz and Vince Citro are licensed to practice in Florida and various federal courts throughout the nation. Other online reviews about the Yancey's seminars made similar complaints. Hutt, director of communications for the Council of Better Business Bureaus. As a committee member, he analyzed cases throughout the U. Morse's gathering in Florida was run by Abundance. Also conducted risk assessments at Brown Schools with respect to completion of the program and safe release to the community. In addition, Citro held two positions in the nation's capital.

Sex seminars in tampa florida

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Sex seminars in tampa florida

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    Yancey Events is rated C plus by the BBB for addressing complaints, with 20 complaints listed over the past three years.


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