Dutch people are free to choose their spouses. Those workers performed unskilled labor in the industry and service sectors. Possession of small quantities of soft drugs marijuana and hashish is not prosecuted. A full agenda signifies a full life. Amsterdam , inhabitants is the capital, but the government meets in The Hague , inhabitants. Corporal punishment is disapproved of by most parents.

Sex in the dutch antilles

After the Dutch constitution was revised in , a new interim Constitution of the Netherlands Antilles was enacted in February The average life expectancy in was Each municipality has an elected council presided over by the mayor and elected aldermen. Toddlers receive much parental attention. Child Rearing and Education. The extremely rapid secularization of the Netherlands after the s has meant that religion plays a decreasing role in ordering people's social and cultural lives, with the notable exception of the small rural communities in the Dutch Bible Belt, which runs along the towns Zierikzee, Dordrecht, Utrecht, Zwolle, and Assen. Many children are cared for primarily by their parents in the parental home. Dutch cabinets are invariably coalitions of the major political parties. Those immigrants and the poorly educated Turkish and Moroccan labor migrants were among the first to suffer from the economic decline of the s. The Embarrassment of Riches, In the absence of armed conflicts, the Dutch armed forces become only active during national disasters such as major floods and forest fires and in international peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the United Nations or NATO. White, Colin, and Laurie Boucke. Unlike their contemporaries in France and Great Britain, wealthy Dutch merchants built fairly modest yet stately canal houses in Amsterdam. The performance arts attract mainly the middle and upper classes. The Movement of the Eighties — , led by the poets Kloos and Gorter, marked a new era in Dutch literature. The Early Music Festival of Utrecht is known for its concerts featuring medieval and Renaissance music. Museums are visited principally by the middle and upper classes, with the exception of major retrospectives of popular painters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh, which attract a wide audience. A full agenda signifies a full life. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. There are 2,, foreign residents. Its prosperity and that of neighboring Aruba was restored in the early 20th century with the construction of oil refineries to service the newly discovered Venezuelan oil fields. Among other things, universal suffrage was introduced. The display of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem are important expressions of identity for a decreasing number of citizens. Contemporary Dutch architecture is more cosmopolitan. The Netherlands had a population of 15,, in The land is carefully divided in Mondrian-like squares and rectangles.

Sex in the dutch antilles

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Sex in the dutch antilles

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