In the New Zealand government paid growers to pull up vines to address a glut that was damaging the industry. Many fledgling producers started out using contract fruit while waiting for their own vines to mature enough to produce production-quality fruit. Wine exports to China, whilst still only a small proportion of export revenue, are remarkable for having grown more than ten-fold in the decade since To verify an employee's employment, please contact the Employment Verification Office. Trends in production and export[ edit ] The initial focus for the industry's export efforts was the United Kingdom. The area is most notable for its excellent Chardonnay, with well reviewed examples especially from Kumeu River and Soljans Estate Winery. The designation is contolled as a registered trademark owned by the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowers Association, available only to its members. Lone Goat is notable for producing a well-reviewed wine from the Ehrenfelser grape variety, and was spun off from Giesen Estate which moved to Marlborough.

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Lone Goat is notable for producing a well-reviewed wine from the Ehrenfelser grape variety, and was spun off from Giesen Estate which moved to Marlborough. Indeed, a number of well known producers started out as contract growers. Indeed, the strength of flavor in the wine favored very dry styles despite intense acidity. The valley floor provides a warm micro-climate ideal for viticulture, protected on either side by the Southern Alps and low coastal hills which temper the cool ocean winds. The prohibition and temperance movements had reduced the appreciation of wine with the New Zealand public, who were predominantly British immigrants who favoured beer and spirits , and the Great Depression of the s did the fledgling wine industry no favours. As viticultural techniques were improved and tailored to New Zealand's maritime climate, other Bordeaux-style grapes were planted, and a switch of emphasis made to the more suitable, earlier-ripening Merlot. When you return permanently to the US not on vacation or leave , please visit the CIA Careers page and apply online for the position of interest. While the European cooperative model where district or AOC village wine-making takes place in a centralized production facility is uncommon, contract growing of fruit for winemakers has been a feature of the New Zealand industry since the start of the winemaking boom in the s. It is a testament to the skill and craft of New Zealand producers that poor examples are infrequently encountered. Central Otago had a long for New Zealand history as a producer of quality stone fruit, particularly cherries. This, low cropping techniques and the thermal effect of the rock produces great intensity for the grapes and subsequent wine. The grapes reach full ripeness and produce complex, well balanced wine. The alluvial deposits are typically the local sandstone called greywacke , which makes up much of the mountainous spine of New Zealand. Marlborough, with by far the largest plantings of Pinot, produces wines that are quite aromatic, red fruit in particular red cherry, with a firm tannic structure that provides cellaring potential. The wine regions of New Zealand tend to experience cool nights even in the hottest of summers. New Zealand's Sauvignon Blanc is regarded by many critics as among the best in the world. More recently, this UK dominance of exports has eroded. The effect of consistently cool nights is to produce fruit which is nearly always high in acidity. Naturally breezy conditions control vine vigour, creating lower yields of grapes with greater intensity. A Geographical Indication since October , it is also the smallest GI, producing 92 tonnes in from an area of only 64 hectares acres under vines. Wine exports to China, whilst still only a small proportion of export revenue, are remarkable for having grown more than ten-fold in the decade since History[ edit ] Wine making and vine growing go back to colonial times in New Zealand. This is partly due to a rise in popularity and production of sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, a new style of sparkling New Zealand wine. However the weather year-to-year is so variable and frost-susceptible that some years have been simply too cold to produce a reliable harvest. Most of the wineries are located on the Martinborough terrace, a raised alluvial terrace of the nearby Ruamahanga River.

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New zealand sex site reviews

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