Until the s, there were exceptions, but they were few and far between. In the first decade of the 21st century, shopping and dining have become attractions of their own. It put a massive strain on the construction ability and workforce of the area due to number of laborers and amount of materials required. Being a true twenty-four-hour city, call centers have always seemed to find Las Vegas a good place to hire workers who are accustomed to working at all hours. Downtown and The Strip always have at least one hospitality project under construction. Luxurious condos and penthouse suites are always being built.

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In March , construction employed 40, people and is expected to grow with the recovering economy. New condominium and high-rise hotel projects have changed the Las Vegas skyline dramatically in recent years. Exterior of the Palazzo hotel. Cranes are a constant part of the Las Vegas Skyline. The urban area has grown outward so quickly that it borders Bureau of Land Management holdings along its edges. Because of this, prices of almost any construction project in Las Vegas doubled. While Las Vegas has historically attracted high-stake gamblers from around the world, it is now facing tougher competition from the UK, Hong Kong and Macau China , Eastern Europe and developing areas in the Middle East. During the intense rains of monsoon season or relatively wet months of January and February, a network of dry natural channels, called washes or arroyos , carved into the valley floor allows water to flow down from the mountains and converge in the Las Vegas Wash which runs through the Clark County Wetlands Park. Luxurious condos and penthouse suites are always being built. Full-fledged dust storms are rare. Now shopping , conventions , fine dining , and outdoor beauty are also major forces in attracting tourist dollars. This rapid population growth led to a significant urbanization of desert lands into industrial and commercial areas see suburbia. Urbanization[ edit ] The population doubling time in the greater metropolitan area was under ten years, since the early s and the Las Vegas metropolitan area now has a population approaching two million people. This has led to an increase in land values such that medium- and high-density development is occurring closer to the core. The construction industry accounts for a share of the economy in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Valley is home to various suburban master planned communities that include extensive recreational amenities such as lakes, golf courses, parks, bike paths and jogging trails. In addition, in recent years Las Vegas has seen a spike in high-rise housing units. From the dust the wind picks up, to the smog produced by vehicles, to the pollen in the air, the valley has several bad air days. The wash system used to form a large natural wetlands which then flowed into the Colorado River , until the construction of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River led to the creation of Lake Mead. Downtown and The Strip always have at least one hospitality project under construction. In June , the price of a cubic meter was 57 cents in Las Vegas. At any given time there are new homes being constructed in Las Vegas. Hotel casinos planned for the Strip can take years to build and employ thousands of workers. In the s, Turnberry Associates constructed the first high rise condominium towers. In the first decade of the 21st century, shopping and dining have become attractions of their own.

Las vegas world sex guide

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Las vegas world sex guide

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