You can't really show off your voice and where you came from. I think a lot of the songs I did at that time, I was going through a really dark phase in my life, so a lot of the songs reflect that. It was also announced that she was going to perform "Gimme More", with a magic act from illusionist Criss Angel in some parts of the performance. And now she's put out this album and this is her tactic to promote it? She got in there and put it down. It's about feeling good, celebrating womanhood. Spears contributes a series of gasps, sighs and chants and her voice is also distorted. Kara DioGuardi said she was inspired by the relationship between Spears and her first son in the studio, saying:

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Several pole dancers danced in smaller stages around the audience. Critics gave the song positive reviews, praising its production and defiant lyrics, while citing it as one of the highlights from Blackout. Spears teetered through her dance steps and mouthed only occasional words in a wan attempt to lip-synch her new single". That feeling of being on the stage, knowing it's your best — I love that. Nothing's been wow to me. However, the release was pushed back when Spears began recording new material for her sixth studio album, Circus. Winnberg commented that it had always been "an unwritten rule " to not write songs about Spears' personal life, since " Sweet Dreams My LA Ex ", an answer song to Justin Timberlake 's " Cry Me a River ", was rejected by her record label. They wrote and recorded four songs together, including "Everybody", which was originally offered to Rihanna and The Cheetah Girls. Push it to the next thing. Hilson commented that "She gave percent. I needed to be hungry again. With songs like " Toxic ", she was very innovative, and we're trying to top it. I've been even more 'hands on' in my management and the business side of things, and I feel more in control than ever. She also revealed she wanted the song to be the first single of her upcoming album, tentatively titled The Original Doll, and hoped to release it "probably before summertime [], or maybe a little sooner than that. She was wearing the expression of somebody who had been deposited at the Palms Casino Resort by a tornado, one that promptly twisted away, taking her clothing and sense of purpose. I think a lot of the songs I did at that time, I was going through a really dark phase in my life, so a lot of the songs reflect that. The anime video was based on the superheroine character of Spears' "Toxic" music video, and portrays her destroying a highly secured laboratory with several clones , including one of herself. It kind of struck me as interesting. However, Jive announced on October 10, , that the release date would be moved up two weeks, to October 30, , due to unauthorized leaks. Smith stated that the team tried to create a record "for the Britney Spears that we know and love" and that it did not "touch on anything that was really dealing with all the stuff that she was dealing with. Although Morier had been writing songs with Greg Kurstin and other artists, she felt she "hadn't really found [her] niche" until she wrote "Heaven on Earth", which she described as "a very honest song". But you never know", she stated. She got in there and put it down. Morier described "Heaven on Earth" as the song that transformed her career. It's about feeling good, celebrating womanhood. The following month, The District Court judge dismissed the case, with prejudice. Let me warm things up and break the ice.

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