On April 27, , Josue Flores Carreto and Gerardo Flores Carreto were each sentenced to 50 years in prison and defendant Daniel Perez Alonso was sentenced to 25 years in prison based on their guilty pleas. The compound itself was walled, fenced-in, padlocked, gated, and secured by guards. On January 24, , Arlan Kaufman was sentenced to 30 years in prison and Linda Kaufman was sentenced to 7 years in prison. O'Dell was acquitted of making a false statement to the FBI. These systematic beatings eventually led to the death of the eight-year old daughter of the group's leader in Martinez was 19 years old at the time.

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Broussard, enraged by failure, began to put greater pressure on the children to perform, isolating them from their parents by having them eat and sleep apart, and resorting to greater use of physical force to discipline them. Prior to trial, a newspaper and the defendants sought to have the names of all the 29 child victims released, arguing that the rights to a fair trial and of free speech were being impeded. The rapes typically occurred during the night in the basement of the Udeozor home. All eight defendants pled guilty to various federal human trafficking and related charges. Martinez worked for the Calimlims seven days a week, on average 17 hours a day. Once in the United States, however, the girl was required to care for the Udeozors' five children, perform all of the household chores, and work at Dr. In January all the other defendants pled guilty and received multiple-year prison terms, thus avoiding a difficult and traumatic trial for the young victims. The Complaint and Affidavit filed in support of the warrant alleged that Lee violated 18 U. One guard recalls Lee saying, "if they die, I will be responsible" after instructing him to beat the Vietnamese workers. The Udeozors had promised that the girl would take care of the Udeozors' children and that, in exchange for her work, the Udeozors would send her to school in the United States and would pay money to her family in Nigeria. Udeozor regularly abused the girl, both physically and verbally, and Mr. The Calimlims coerced Martinez to work through an elaborate scheme which included her total isolation from society and her family; repeated lies about her immigration status; and continuous threats that Martinez would be arrested, jailed, and deported if anyone discovered her. Investigation revealed that between October and February , Antonia Jimenez-Calderon, Librada Jimenez-Calderon, and their brothers Delfino and Luis Jimenez-Calderon conspired to recruit underage girls from Mexico to perform acts of prostitution in the United States. The son was also charged with making a false statement to the FBI, in violation of 18 U. The anonymous caller provided details of Martinez's treatment. The men physically and sexually assaulted their victims, used threats of physical harm and restraint to force the women to commit acts of prostitution, and beat the women for hiding money, disobeying their orders, and failing to earn more money. Additionally, Bradley and O'Dell often denied the men proper medical care when the men were injured while working. They were forbidden from communicating with customers, talking to each other, or making phone calls, and they were beaten and threatened with further beatings if they broke the rules. Although neighbors had reported potential child abuse to the local Oregon authorities, no action was taken until the girl's death. In addition to the nude "therapy" sessions, Arlan Kaufman forced the residents to perform manual labor in the nude at a farm owned by the Kaufmans in Butler County, Kansas. They donated their salaries to support the group and purchased an abandoned bakery in which they all lived. During that period, Arlan routinely forced and coerced his patients to engage in nude "therapy" sessions for his and his wife's entertainment and benefit. During the trial, the government dismissed two of the involuntary servitude charges and the false statement to a bank official charge. However, because of its cult-like behavior and children's regimented existence, EAA failed to obtain the grants it sought. On July 22, , Consuelo Carreto pled guilty to sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, and coercion, and, in November , she was sentenced to months inprisonment. Two other members of the criminal organization, Eloy Carreto Reyes and Edith Mosquera de Flores, were charged separately.

Boone county internet sex crimes task force

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Boone county internet sex crimes task force

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