When they wake up, every woman in the village finds herself mysteriously pregnant. The tension builds to almost unbearable heights before a truly haunting ending. Vincent Price plays the Satanic Prince Prospero, who rules over his village with an iron fist, condemning people to death for the mildest offence and abducting any woman who takes his fancy, but all of his evils come back to haunt him when he throws a masked ball and Death shows up. The way director Mike Flanagan plays with reality, building unbearable uncertainty through camera angles and false memories, makes this film both incredibly scary and impossibly sad. A series of weird clues leads Claudia to investigate a weird cult… but when things slot into place too easily, it seems like someone might be luring her into a trap. Director JA Bayona makes every shot count; the movie is visually beautiful as well as fantastically sinister. A coming-of-age horror with one of the bleakest endings around.

Best horror movies with sex

And it won a lot more than that: It's creepy throughout but by the time you finally discover what's really going on it's not only terrifying but emotionally devastating too. It Comes At Night Though the marketing material was somewhat misleading, featuring the above scary-looking dude who really isn't a big part of the film at all , the movie itself, from director Trey Edward Shults is a claustrophobic slow-burner that ramps up the creep factor insidiously. Sometimes, the scariest events can happen in broad daylight. That said, the original Wicker Man is pretty good too, I guess. Prior to Psycho, it was a generally accepted practice that moviegoers could enter a theater at any point during a screening. A coming-of-age horror with one of the bleakest endings around. But when a man, his wife and their young child arrive seeking shelter his family life is disrupted. When they wake up, every woman in the village finds herself mysteriously pregnant. The wonderfully named Mimsy Farmer plays Sylvia, a scientist haunted by melancholy and hallucinations. An intelligent script with a superb twist, quality acting and an atmospheric set complete with graveyards, mist and autumn leaves — what more could you want in a creepy movie? Set in an urban tower block, this film demonstrates that horror can strike anywhere, not just in spooky old mansions in the middle of the countryside. Walbrook does sinister like no-one else. This makes things difficult for the new servants, who have turned up in a most mysterious manner Tree surgeon Adam and his family move into an ancient farmhouse to start sizing up the land for developers and quickly fall afoul of the supernatural creatures lurking in the trees, which turns out to be a really bad idea. The ending will have you shuddering in your seat. Accepting you with open arms, only to blossom nefarious motives under assuming rays of sunshine. Where would horror films be without photographic dark rooms? The mystery caller leaves a horrifying voicemail: Joel Edgerton plays the patriarch of a family holed up in a cabin in the woods to escape an unnamed wide spread virus. But creepy is harder to pull off. It's a bona fide horror film but the ending might make you cry. And most of them are terrifying. A piano playing by itself, shaking chandeliers and some truly traumatic hallucinations add to the panic as Grace questions exactly who she is sharing her home with. Gore, guts and plenty of fish food for the picking. The found footage conceit is used to great effect, making you stare intently at grainy nighttime footage of an empty room, straining your ears for distant footsteps, before making you jump out of your skin with a loud bang. An awful lot of people must have breathed a sigh of relief once their own personal seven-day window was over.

Best horror movies with sex

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Best horror movies with sex

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