The poster also places Carter's shotgun in Eric's hands, and features a grappling man and woman who seem to belong to a different film. To Hodges, the car park and the cast iron bridges over the Tyne , "seemed to capture the nature of Jack Carter himself". He forces Eric to drink a full bottle of whisky as Eric had done to Frank, then beats him to death with his shotgun. The themes of Get Carter echo those of Armstrong's better-known role 25 years later in BBC drama Our Friends in the North , which also dealt with local government corruption. Jack drives Margaret to the grounds of Kinnear's estate, kills her with a fatal injection and leaves her body there. Klinger was worried that the debut director might be overwhelmed with too many options, but Hodges said he and Atkinson got on very well.

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Mike Hodges explained that Howard was an extra in his TV film Rumour, and the director gave him a line to say, but another extra was wrongly credited. Jack bursts in on Kinnear, who is playing poker, but learns little from him; he also meets a glamorous drunken woman, Glenda Geraldine Moffat. Eric and two of his men arranged Frank's death. Disregarding Alex's warning, she stays on the plane and is incinerated among other passengers. Visiting Brumby's house Jack discovers the man knows nothing about him and, believing he has been set up, he leaves. Monitoring mobile phone text messages remotely in real-time without someone knowing is not difficult at SpyThetruth spyingthetruth gmail. The theme tune features the sounds of the character's train journey from London to Newcastle. The musicians recorded the soundtrack live, direct to picture, playing along with the film. He grew up in working class Hoxton and had come to acting late when in he joined Joan Littlewood 's Theatre Workshop. The themes of Get Carter echo those of Armstrong's better-known role 25 years later in BBC drama Our Friends in the North , which also dealt with local government corruption. Sound editing and dubbing was done by Jim Atkinson, whom Hodges described as "so obsessive about the job". Jack encounters another old associate, Eric Paice Ian Hendry , who refuses to tell Jack who is employing him as a chauffeur. Hodges said in "Carl and credits don't seem destined for each other". Klinger was present on set for much of the film shoot. In the late s his career suffered as he became entangled in accusations of protection racketeering in Fulham and was acquitted of murder at the Old Bailey. As Jack is walking along the shoreline, he is shot in the head with a sniper rifle by the hitman, only identified as "J", who was in Jack's carriage on his initial train journey to Newcastle during the film's opening credits. She went on to play the unfortunate Rose Chapman in EastEnders. Hodges and Caine used his animosity towards Caine to their advantage to create extra tension in the scenes between Carter and Paice. Forcing Glenda into the boot of her car, Jack drives off to find Albert. Ekland was cast as the leading lady of the film, as she was a prominent sex symbol of the time and would have already been familiar to US audiences through her work in The Night They Raided Minsky's and Stiletto. Get Carter was a film which explored this freedom. Albert confesses he told Brumby that Doreen was, indeed, Frank's daughter. Casting[ edit ] Michael Caine in the trailer for "Get Carter" There was pressure from MGM to have more big-name American stars in the film, which was successfully resisted by Hodges. Overcome with emotion, Jack becomes enraged and pushes Glenda's head under water as she is taking a bath. Beechcroft stood derelict for many years and was finally demolished in December , [44] despite a campaign to preserve it as a tourist attraction. She tells him the film was Kinnear's, and that she thinks Doreen was 'pulled' by Eric. You really need cyberphonesolution AT gmail com.

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